More IT support

I cover many different areas of IT and I have listed a few below – always ask if you have something else in mind

Desktop repairs encompassing all parts of the pc including motherboards, hard drives, dvd drives etc.
Laptop repairs – the same as above and also cracked screens and damaged keyboards.

Data Recovery

Problems with your Laptop or PC/Mac and need to get the data? Unless there is some major physical damage, I have a good track record of recovering data.

Internet & WIFI Support

If you are having connection problems, or need to extend your WIFI (perhaps you have an older house with big walls), I can advise on the best solutions and implement them for you

Perhaps you need advice on what internet connection to go for (satellite or ADSL for example), then I can help.

If you are having issues with your internet connection I can liaise with ISPs such as SFR or Orange to resolve the situation.


I can fault-find, run and terminate cabling such as

Telephone cabling | Network cabling | Satellite cabling