Hello from the RobSmith IT abode in 2021!

Well, we are finally here and so onwards we go – here’s to another interesting year 🙂

So, did Christmas bring you any tech? Does some of it need a little more attention?

Don’t forget, whatever it is,I’m here to help.

So as a reminder to you all, I can assist with;

Installation and repair:

PCs from laptops to desktops/towers

iMacs and macbooks

Smartphones and tablets

WiFi devices and any other networking needs (CCTV setups etc)

Smart TVs ( connecting and usage )

Game Consoles ( many are prone to overheating and need a good clean to keep them running for long periods of time)and anything else you can plug in 😉


I create, manage websites from bespoke to wordpress and beyond and have created sites for estate agents, artisans, gites and much more I can also assist if you have a current website and need help in sorting issues etc.

Feel free to contact me for anything tech-wise and lets get 2021 connected!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and Safe Surfing!