Attestation derogatoire de deplacement

Attestation derogatoire de deplacement

Now we find ourselves back into lockdown , forms are required again for us to leave the building (unlike Elvis)

The new online certificate generator is now available and I have had clients call to ask how to find the document once it’s downloaded.

As each system has it’s own quirks, this will be a ‘not fits all guide’ but will hopefully steer you in the right direction

The link for the online form is

So, we will start with Android as that system is easier in most cases:

When you have filled out the form, it should then notify you of the download. At that moment, by swiping down from the top of the screen, you should see the downloaded file and you can tap on it to open it.

If you have closed the certificate or cannot find it in your recently opened files, then go to your apps and look for the File Manager (can be called My Files or similar) and then you can navigate to your download or documents folders depending on where it has downloaded to and open it from there.

I have noticed that a couple of times it has taken a few presses to download the certificate so make sure you get a notification that the download is taking place.

Once you have opened the certificate on your phone, you can leave it ‘in situe’ (i.e. pressing the home button to carry on doing other things) and access it via the ‘recently opened apps’ button ( the square one of the three)

Apple iPhones are a different beast and their file managment has taken a bit longer to catch up but now, unless you have an older iPhone , then retrieval is simple.

From iOS 11, you can now use the Files app within your iPhone.

Once you have filled out and downloaded the form, you can go to Files app and then look for the download folder and the file should be there.

If for some reason it isn’t, check by going to Settings then Safari then downloads and that will tell you where the files are going to.

For older iPhones (pre iOS 11) without the Files app, the phone handled downloaded files by relating them to apps loaded.

Therefore for a PDF, you would need Adobe reader or similar which would ‘link’ to it once downloaded.

Obviously there are various methods depending on the phone version, but I hope this will help in pointing you in the right direction and if you have any questions, please ask.